Are Veils the biggest waste of money or not?

Posted by Marie Gutteridge on

After working in the wedding industry for years I have come to the conclusion that there is a percentage of brides who will wear a veil when they don't necessarily want to. Although not everyone chooses to wear a veil I have met many brides that wear one but really aren't all that fussed by them. For these brides a veil can be the biggest waste of money.

To be clear I'm not talking about the brides who know they want to wear a veil, the brides that chose to wear one and have a specific veil length, material and style in mind. I'm talking about the group of brides who wear a veil because maybe a relation expects them to, or because they think they have to as it's traditional. The brides that take it off as soon as possible. Maybe it's not their style, maybe they don't feel comfortable in them, there are many reasons and each one very personal to the individual bride but what I have realised is that there is actually a fairly large percentage of brides that fall into this category.

For this reason Glam Squad Store provides an affordable range of veils, they're for the bride who wears one because her mum will be upset if she doesn't, the bride who feels pressure to wear one, the bride who just can't justify paying a small fortune for a veil she will take off as soon as the ceremony is over and so many other reasons Glam Squad Store should be your first stop.